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At RedRick Technologies, we design and develop ergonomic workspaces for healthcare professionals that include workstations, monitor mounting solutions, accessories, and peripherals. 



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We also provide ergonomic design services that help organizations implement ergonomic principles for improved space design, layout, environmental control, lighting, and acoustics.




Our Ergonomics Products For Healthcare Environments


There is no need to flip through a catalogue. Every RedRick proposal and product design is specifically created and customized to meet your needs. Our thoughtfully designed products are adjustable, intuitive, elegantly designed and extremely robust, ensuring prolonged comfort and productivity.


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Medical Workstations with monitors & Desks
 workstation desk with monitor mounting options for up to four monitors and a keyboard
Medical Desks with multiple monitors
ergonomic workspaces for computer desk with a few monitors and keyboard
ergonomic design services that help to organize computer desks with monitors

Thoughtful Ergonomics, Better Lives

  • 56.9% Radiologists working longer than 8 hours at a workstation

  • 87% Radiologists experiencing physical discomfort

  • 66% Radiologists reporting significant eye fatigue

  • 60% Radiologists currently suffering from RSI

  • People who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to suffer acute heart issues.

Group of Radiologists working at a workstation


These are staggering numbers. We have the tools to change the narrative. Let’s connect and see how your current workspace can be optimized for a better ergonomic setup.


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The Ergonomics Workstation

Workstations are a critical factor for ensuring good ergonomics, comfort and productivity. That being said, they are just the launching point for an ergonomically optimized space.


The reading room environment beyond those primary work zones can also have a major impact on the radiologists’ productivity and well-being. Some examples of environmental factors:


  • Reading space location

  • Reading space layout

  • Traffic management

  • Acoustics

  • Lighting

  • Finishes

  • HVAC


room design



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