There is no need to flip through a catalogue.


Every RedRick proposal and product design is specifically created and customized to meet your needs.

Our approach centers around flexibility and customized solutions. We recognize that every situation is unique, and our goal is to create spaces that perfectly fit the needs. Our guiding principle is prioritizing ease of use – a crucial aspect in all our designs. We specialize in seamlessly integrating ergonomic adjustments into even the most complex environments, like radiology reading rooms.


Our expertise lies in making these spaces user-friendly and effortlessly adaptable, ensuring that professionals can work comfortably and efficiently, no matter how challenging the setting may be.


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a row of radiologist workstations

Robust Designs, Built To Handle The Most Challenging Equipment




Our workstations are specifically crafted to accommodate heavy professional computer equipment, backed by a 10-year warranty.


Notably, our products are designed and manufactured in North America, with over 90% of the materials originating from the US and Canada. This underlines our commitment to quality and local resourcing.


Every RedRick workstation is height-adjustable


  • Our standard adjustment range of 24-49.5” above floor is always included (ANSI BIFMA 22-48” also available)

  • RedRick's stations can lift the heaviest loads, regardless of desktop size and shape, or the amount of hosted equipment


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height adjustable desktop




ComfortView Monitor Mounts


The most elegant multi-monitor mounting solution available




Comfortview monitor mount


Motorized Height Adjustment


  • Provides 12” of vertical adjustment range, independent of the work surface

  • All monitors adjust simultaneously

  • Virtually any monitor configuration can be accommodated


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Focal Distance Adjustment

  • Effortless manual adjustment, found to be the most intuitive and easy-to-engage method, providing 16” of horizontal forward/back range as well as 60 degrees of side-to-side swivel

  • Virtually any monitor configuration can be accommodated


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comfortview L4


Comfortview monitor mount


Heavy Duty Handling


Our monitor mounts can handle the heaviest monitor setups. These monitor mounts are designed to accommodate large, high-resolution displays and multiple screens for demanding tasks.




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Elegant Designs, Maximizing Desktop Space


Unlike traditional "split-level" or "keyboard tray" models, RedRick's mounts allow for single-worksurface solutions that retain maximum useable space, while providing superior, intuitive, and effortless ergonomic adjustment.


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comfortview L4


Scientific research underscores the significance of appropriate ambient lighting in reading spaces, as it plays a vital role in minimizing eye strain and headaches.


Our team at RedRick Technologies pioneered the use of ambient lighting as a standard feature in our workstations for imaging professionals.


This innovation has become a staple in all RedRick workstations, encompassing both ambient and task lighting to ensure optimal reading conditions and alleviate visual discomfort.


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L750 with L4 Ambient Glow







Cable Management

Is there anything more frustrating than getting tangled up in cables when trying to focus on a task?


When workstations include a high degree of component adjustability, good cable management solutions are critical. Lack of proper cable management routing will:


  • Inhibit ergonomic adjustments
  • Create a cluttered work environment
  • Leads to damaged computer equipment


Every RedRick station includes:

  • Cable routing
  • Excess cable management
  • Power distribution for onboard computer hardware
  • CPU hosting, that travels with the adjustable work surface

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The Installation Process

When you work with our team at RedRick Technologies, the process of implementing your new workstations is seamless and stress-free. Our representatives handle the delivery and installation of products, including the mounting and cable management of all hosted computer equipment.


When our team is finished, your simply need to boot up your systems and get on with your workday. Our on-site representatives are available to demonstrate the product and answer any questions in real-time.


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The ErgoHome Series

More radiologists are working remotely and are discovering the same ergonomic workplace challenges they experienced in the reading room are also present at home. 


The ErgoHome Series brings the quality, adjustability, and feel of clinical RedRick solutions to home reading environments.






Why Choose Us

The answer is simple — we care deeply about radiologists’ wellbeing.


We have worked for over two decades in this space and have extensive knowledge to best optimize radiology reading rooms. This knowledge and experience can help you design (or re-design) a space which optimally supports the critical patient care service that radiologists provide.


These spaces cannot be an afterthought. They are essential hubs in the diagnostic and healthcare industry and should be designed as such. Just as a surgeon requires an optimized operating room, so does a radiologist require an ergonomic and thoughtfully designed work environment.


Our knowledge of the construction industry allows us to provide our clients with thoughtfully designed spaces, conducive to productivity and wellbeing. Is your reading room optimized for ergonomics and productivity? If not, let’s connect.


Want more information on why and how we design radiologist workstations? Check out our blog, "Ergonomic Workstations in Radiology Reading Rooms."


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