The answer is simple — we care deeply about radiologists’ wellbeing.

We have spent over two decades working and learning about the radiology industry, and have extensive knowledge to best optimize radiology reading rooms. This knowledge and experience gathered over 20 years has helped us create products that are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our products are thoughtfully designed and customized with your needs and daily rhythms in mind, and which optimally support the critical patient care service that radiologists provide.


Your work is essential. You deserve the workstation and ergonomic environment to perform your job optimally.


Workstations cannot be an afterthought. They are essential in the diagnostic and healthcare industry and should be designed as such. The same way a surgeon requires an optimized operating room, so does a radiologist require an ergonomic and thoughtfully designed work environment.


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The Problem with Radiologist Ergonomics

Poor reading room ergonomics cause many health issues for imaging experts. Every day an increasing number of radiologists complain of repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), such as carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome, eye strain, neck, and back problems.


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Radiologists are especially susceptible to RSIs. The areas most affected are:


  • 71.2% neck

  • 58.7% shoulders

  • 46.8% back

  • 45.4% wrists and hands


Solutions, Not Products

A happy team makes a happy reading room, and a healthy imaging team makes for a responsive healthcare system. RedRick Solutions Inc. owners knew early on that reading rooms were more than sit-stand workstations adorned with fixtures that move up and down.


Our focus is not just on replacing equipment but digging deeper into the issues disrupting work and affecting quality and productivity. What we look at when delivering a reading room solution is the full environment and how users interact with it.


Designing a reading space that accommodates the needs of all consulting specialists can be complicated. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a radiology department but our experts excel at suggesting inclusive solutions that are customized for participants’ needs.


We design workspaces that include workstations with privacy and also those that give a chance for collaboration.

Setting You Up for Success

RedRick Technologies does not simply provide a product. We help our customers through the process of improving their workspaces, from design concept, all the way through to white glove installation and implementation. This includes delivery, assembly, and installation of all hosted computer systems and associated cable management. We also provide comprehensive training on all our workstations to ensure the benefits of your new ergonomic equipment are fully realized.


And we don’t just leave it at that, our technicians follow up to ensure your satisfaction. Our technicians are always on call to assist with troubleshooting and support as you become used to the new work environment and workstation.



Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Ergonomic Solutions

It’s well known that spending countless hours in front of a bank of monitors can cause physical stress or injury. Ergonomic solutions are created to avoid these repetitive strain injuries and burnout symptoms


Many ergonomic solutions claim to solve these issues by providing particular adjustments. However, user adoption of these adjustments is critical to success. A good ergonomic solution does not simply provide adjustment capabilities, it provides adjustment capabilities that are intuitive and extremely easy to use.


If an ergonomic workstation is intuitive and easy to use, it will actually be used.


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